Contractor's Page

Weather you are an asphalt contractor or general contractor you will benefit by having the Asphacolor product line to offer your clientele. By having an Asphacolor pavement at your disposal you will command higher profit margins and deliver a beautiful architectural pavement at a fraction of the cost of other colored pavements. There is no colored paving available anywhere that is lower in cost than Asphacolor.

Asphacolor Integral Color for Hot Mix adds about $0.68 a square foot to the cost of a one-inch hot mix overlay. Asphacolor Integral Color for Hot Mix projects mandate an investment by the end user of something less than the cost of a plain concrete job.

The Asphacolor Integral Color Dry Sealant Mix is utilized to color existing asphalt and maintains Asphacolor Integral Color for Hot Mix applications. It adds an average cost of $0.12 a square foot when added to asphalt emulsion seal coats.

Asphacolor products are as simple to use as the conventional asphalt products you already offer. You are not required to buy any additional equipment because all of the Asphacolor products utilize the same equipment that you already have. There are no license agreements or costly tools needed to get you started.

For specific details on the different Asphacolor products please visit the How To Slide Shows and Specification pages.